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The Betley Windows

Susan McKenney's Etched Version of The Betley Window

Susan McKenney's Etched Window

Photograph by 'Eustace'

The photograph alongside shows a reproduction of the Betley Window etched on plain glass. The size is approximately 10 by 15 inches.

It was made in about 1990 by Susan McKenney, who lived at the time in San Luis Obispo, California, as a Christmas present for Chris Mitchell, after Chris had shown her a picture of the original window and admired it.

Chris was founder of Holy Rood Morris of San Luis Obispo and is currently a member of Monarch Grove Morris. Susan herself was the founder of Sixpence Women's Morris of San Luis Obispo.

This copy of the Window is to be found at Chris' house in Shell Beach, California. It was Susan's second attempt at the etching - the first was slightly defective but she still has it hanging in a window in her North California home.

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